LPG can provide a reliable energy supply that is flexible, and efficient.

If you are running a hotel, you need a reliable source of energy for many different applications including central heating, cooking, hot water, swimming pools. LPG means you can have a reliable supply of energy for all these applications.

LPG can also help your business have less impact on the environment, as it produces very little CO2, has low sulphur content and doesn’t produce any particulates which can cause air pollution.

With the hospitality industry set to experience high volumes of customers in Expo 2020 , it is important for hotel's to evaluate potential energy sources. Propane, or LPG, is a very viable option, which can provide many benefits that will keep your clientele coming back for more – no more cold showers, a nice warm pool, a comfortable patio atmosphere, delicious, perfectly-cooked food and warm heat.

There are many ways that hotels use propane to meet their energy needs while saving money and helping to preserve the environment, the main uses being:

Hot water

LPG is used to supply constant hot water to your hotel, making sure your guests are kept happy with plenty of warm showers. Heating water with electricity can account for 14-25% of annual energy usage. Commercial propane tankless water heaters are an excellent option to meet the hot water demands of the hospitality industry. Commercial tankless water heaters offer economical, on-demand, endless hot water with up to 60% fewer emissions than electric water heaters. These systems link multiple interchangeable units, providing higher output and redundancy ensuring that hot waster is always available.


Perfectly cooked food is an essential ingredient for successful catering, and by using LPG your customers can benefit from meals created using a more easily controlled and cleaner-burning fuel. For all your cooking needs, install gas ranges that combine a propane cooktop and propane oven. A propane cook top provides better heat control and more even heat distribution than electric. Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away and cool more quickly, which helps to prevent overcooking and accidents.

Swimming Pools

LPG is ideal for heating water for swimming pools and spas. Whether indoors or out, with an LPG supply you can help keep your pool or spa at the right temperature, even in the colder winter months.