LPG from HW Gas is an ideal fuel source for many industrial processes. Our quality products combined with our expert approach means we can provide energy solutions to meet your specific requirements.HW Gas provides reliable gas delivery and competitive prices for comercial business across UAE.


Melting glass is an energy intensive process that requires precise temperature control and fuel purity. LPG from HW Gas can provide easily controllable small flames for specialist processes such as melting optical glass.


LPG can provide the high intensity, high temperature flame needed to melt and fuse alloys and metals with precision.

LPG for Aerosols

Aerosol propellant LPG consists of a high purity mixture of propane, isobutane and n-butane. HW Gas offer a unique advantage to customers through its wealth of technical and engineering expertise and years of experience with this sector, providing the combined services of both fuel manufacturer and supplier. The high grade product that HW Gas supplies to customers means we are the supplier of choice.


LPG is an ideal fuel for use in firing pottery and ceramics, which can be adversely affected by soot produced by other fuels. In addition, LPG provides good heat control.


Over the years, forklift trucks (FLTs) have been developed to become more versatile and adapt to the increasing demands of industry. While the technology of the machines has evolved, the performance of traditional fuels has not always kept up to speed. LPG is the perfect choice for forklift use as it is a clean, yet efficient fuel.


LPG is used for many farming applications. Supplied in bulk storage tanks, it is available even in remoter areas.Unlike with oil or electricity, the heat produced by LPG is moist - which helps towards providing a more stress free environment for chicks. The correct ambient temperature can be maintained, helping to promote faster growth and more even feathering. With LPG, there is also less risk of a power cut or voltage reduction, no fuel residue and no need to replace heat lamps.